I'm New Here




Our services begin with hymns, announcements, and a short time to greet each other.  We will have special music, prayer, and more singing before our sermon.  Children are welcome to remain in the sanctuary during the service.  We also offer nursery services (available for infants and children through kindergarten) in the Sunday School building.  Restrooms are located in our Sunday School building.  Handicapped parking spaces are located in front of the sanctuary or near Sunday School building.   

Here's what you can expect from us when you visit:

·         Lots of smiles and rejoicing that you have come.

·         Members and our Pastor will greet you during the service.

·         Invitations to Sunday School and special events planned for the week.

·         Prayers for you.

·         A follow up phone call or a visit if you complete a visitor's card.

Here's what you should not expect from us:

·         A name tag, because we're going to greet you personally and learn your name.

·         A request for tithes, because we don't "pass the plate" at our church. God provides for our church needs through its members, who tithe faithfully without request.

·         A follow up phone call or a visit if you don't complete a visitor's card.  (Don't worry. We won't be offended if you don't fill out a card. Ask questions of our members during your time with us to learn more about our church.)

·         That we will stop praying for you if you don't return next Sunday.

We're so glad to have you and let us know if you need anything.