Penny Crusade:  Missions Fundraising –"Penny Crusade puts us directly in touch with one of God's good purposes; that all the world may hear and experience the life-changing good news of Christ Jesus and his kingdom. Since this is God's purpose, it also must be our purpose. Our business is to be about His business." – Rev. Jeff Walsh, Director of World Outreach 

This year's theme, A Servant's Heart, comes from Mark 10:45 -- "For even the Son of Man came not be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many;" (ESV)


Community:  Extending our ministries through community organizations, volunteering is a large part of our congregation's outreach. Our community has several ways to reach those in need, such as the Christian Service Center, Catholic Ministries, Soup Kitchen, and various food banks.  Our members share their time and talent to participate in these ministries, reaching out to others in need. 


Foundations -- It's time to change your life.  What you've been doing hasn't worked.  No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get ahead.  It feels like life is throwing everything at you and you can't take it anymore. – If you have ever felt like this, you'll want to experience this Bible study. It has nothing to do with denomination or church doctrine, it is God's Word – from the Holy Bible, pure, simple, and life-transforming, shared with those who are looking for life aligned with God's will.  New Covenant Foundations and Possessing the Kingdom are multi-week studies, designed to present scripture as core instructions on how we should live and love.  These studies also reveal why things haven't been working for us in the past and how God's way is the only way. 

We even have these courses for those as young as age 9.  Why not teach these foundational principles to children while they are young, encouraging them observe God's commands and precepts now and help them avoid pitfalls in the future?      

No, you won't find these lessons in the Bible Bookstore or even on the internet. They are as old as the Holy Bible and relevant now more than ever.  Experience God's indescribable love for you and the advantages of accepting Him through how you choose to live your life.